The Nonprofit Difference

Better Care for Every Dollar Spent

ONHA was formed in 2018 to preserve the growth and long-term viability of nonprofit hospice and palliative care. ONHA is the only nonprofit hospice alliance in the State of Oregon. Our mission is to unite nonprofit hospice and palliative care providers throughout Oregon under one collaborative umbrella to amplify our collective impact and preserve nonprofit hospice and palliative care as a vital community resource.

All of ONHA’s affiliates are community-based nonprofits investing their resources in patient and family care while keeping with the values and diversity of their local communities. Any financial surplus of our affiliates is reinvested into their organization to enhance patient care and services rather than maximizing profits. ​

A 2019 study by Milliman, in partnership with the National Partnership for Healthcare and Hospice Innovation, reported that “hospice use among Medicare beneficiaries has been growing at a rapid rate since 2000… and that accompanying this growth has been the rapid expansion of for-profit hospices with the number of providers increasing from 672 in 2000 to 3,097 in 2017, while the number of nonprofit hospices decreased from 1,324 to 1,230 during the same time span.”


  1. Nonprofit hospices have an aggregate net margin of 3.0% vs. 19.9% for for-profit hospices.
  2. Nonprofit hospices provide patients with 10% more nursing visits, 35% more social worker visits, and two times as many therapy visits vs for-profit hospices per patient day.
  3. Nonprofit hospices enroll a higher percentage of patients who have inpatient hospital stays immediately prior to hospice admissions, suggesting they may be high-acuity patients with greater care needs upon hospice enrollment.
  4. For-profit hospices report spending over 300% more on advertising costs than nonprofit hospices.
  5. For-profit hospices report spending less than half what nonprofit hospices report on bereavement services.

Our community nonprofit hospice and palliative care providers are faced with the challenge of competing with for-profit hospice providers that are dominating the market. This is one of the primary reasons ONHA was formed – to preserve the nonprofit difference – more care for every dollar spent. ​