The Benefits of Joining ONHA

More Resources. More Opportunities. Greater Support.

When you become an ONHA Affiliate, you immediately gain access to more resources, more opportunities, and greater support. As a stand-alone nonprofit hospice provider, you may face financial constraints, brand recognition and visibility limitations, staffing challenges, and a need for more advanced technology and innovation. To address these challenges, our affiliates unite to find collaborative solutions, build strong community relationships, leverage partnerships, improve operational efficiency, achieve economies of scale, and improve patient-centered care. ​

Joining our alliance can offer numerous benefits and opportunities for collaboration and growth. We are a powerful alliance, pooling our resources and knowledge to continually improve and innovate the services we provide.

The Benefits Of Being An ONHA Affiliate

Discover the myriad advantages of becoming an affiliate of Oregon Nonprofit Hospice Alliance, directly from the voices that lead our affiliate organizations. In these insightful video testimonials, our executive directors share their firsthand experiences, insights, and the benefits of being part of our alliance. Their stories are a testament to the transformative power of collaboration.

We invite you to engage with the short videos below to gain valuable insights from these leaders. Their words will not only inspire you but also provide a glimpse into the unique opportunities that affiliation with us can offer.

Affiliate Benefits

The strength of our organization lies not only in the care we provide but also in the collaborative support system we’ve built. As an affiliate, you gain access to a wealth of resources, knowledge, and a network of like-minded professionals who share the same passion for providing exceptional hospice care. Below, you’ll find three columns that encapsulate the core benefits of being an affiliate of ONHA. Discover how aligning with our alliance can amplify your impact, empower your mission, and extend your reach. Your journey towards greater care and compassion starts here.

Cost Savings

Collaborative efforts within an alliance can lead to cost savings. Group purchasing, shared services, and joint fundraising activities reduce operational expenses for individual nonprofit hospices. As an alliance, ONHA is able to negotiate lower costs for employee benefits and pass those savings on to their employees. This aids in staff satisfaction and retention. ​

Shared Services

We look for ways to improve efficiency and best utilize our resources to provide the highest quality of care for our patients and the best tools to our employees. By being an ONHA affiliate, you will be able to partake in shared services that are offered to all of ONHA’s affiliates such as Centralized Financial Services, Shared Physician Weekend Call, joint programming, marketing and fundraising initiatives, and project management services. ONHA and its affiliates embark on other special projects that benefit the organization as a whole.

Strategic Planning

ONHA works with its affiliates to develop a collaborative, mutually beneficial, strategic plan. The strategic plan is regularly visited to ensure we are on target and that all of our members are engaged. The strategic plan drives our priorities and provides a roadmap to grow our organizations, work collaboratively, and pave the way for the future of ONHA and its affiliates.

Education & Training

Our affiliates collaborate on educational programs, fundraising, and conferences to enhance the skills and knowledge of its staff.​

Peer Support & Networking

As an ONHA affiliate, you will connect with like-minded professionals, and share knowledge and best practices to enhance your organization’s impact.​

Community Engagement

Our affiliates engage in community outreach and awareness campaigns. By being part of an alliance, you can participate in these initiatives and raise public awareness about hospice services.​

Advocacy & Representation

As an alliance, we advocate for the interests of our member organizations at the local, state, and national levels. By joining an alliance, a nonprofit hospice can have a stronger voice in shaping healthcare policies, regulations, and legislation that impacts end-of-life care.​

Research & Data Sharing

Any research conducted or data collected is shared with our members. This information helps our affiliates stay informed about industry trends and evidence-based practices.​

Networking Opportunities

Being part of an alliance opens doors to networking opportunities with other elder care providers, healthcare professionals, and community organizations, leading to potential partnerships and referrals.

Emphasis on Mission & Values

Joining a hospice alliance allows nonprofit hospices to align with like-minded organizations that share a similar mission and values, fostering a sense of community and collective purpose.​

Shared Resources & Best Practices

ONHA facilitates the sharing of resources, best practices, staffing, training, and innovative ideas among our affiliates. This collaboration allows us to operate more efficiently, learn from one another and improve the quality of care and services we provide. ​

Quality Improvement Initiatives

ONHA’s affiliates collaborate on quality improvement initiatives on an ongoing basis. By participating in these efforts, nonprofit hospices can measure and enhance their performance, ultimately benefiting patients and families.

More Negotiating Power

By joining together as a collective group, we can exert greater influence and leverage during contract negotiations.

Value-Based Payment Arrangements

Value-based payment arrangements are an alternative to the traditional fee-for-service model where healthcare providers are reimbursed based on the quantity of services they deliver. With value-based arrangements, reimbursement is tied to the quality and effectiveness of the care provided, encouraging better patient outcomes and cost-efficient practices. As an alliance, we can leverage combined scale and collaborate with other healthcare organizations, payors, or stakeholders to form larger networks or partnerships. This increased size and collective leverage provides enhanced bargaining power, risk sharing, resource sharing, expanded reach, and knowledge exchange.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is ONHA structured?

ONHA’s CEO works with a board of directors composed of each affiliate’s Executive Director and one board member from each affiliate. This ensures equal representation for each affiliate. This organizational structure supports collaboration and shared resources to achieve mutually assured success for members of ONHA.​

Is there a cost associated with joining the alliance?

Yes, there is a fee. The annual fee is used to support the alliance’s operations and services, which ultimately benefit all affiliates. Becoming part of the alliance gives you immediate access to all of ONHA’s resources and services.

What is the role of affiliates in alliance decision-making?

Affiliates have an active role in the decision-making process. Our alliance operates with input and feedback from all affiliates in a consensus-based decision-making model.

How does the alliance support quality improvement initiatives among its affiliates?

Our affiliates’ Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement staff meet regularly to discuss policies and collaborate on quality initiatives. As an ONHA affiliate, you will have immediate access to these collaborative meetings and the work they are doing to advance quality at the affiliate level.

How does the alliance engage with the community to raise awareness about hospice care?

We undertake community outreach and awareness campaigns, and our affiliates actively participate in these initiatives to educate the public about hospice services.

Is the alliance limited to a specific geographical region?

ONHA welcomes hospices within Oregon.

Inquire About Joining ONHA

Oregon Nonprofit Hospice Alliance offers exceptional opportunities to its affiliates. Our commitment to fostering growth, collaboration, and excellence within the hospice community has led us to create a world of benefits designed exclusively for our affiliates. Whether you are an established hospice organization or just starting on this journey, we have tailored resources and expertise to enhance your mission and elevate the care you provide. If you’d like to explore these enriching possibilities, please fill out the inquiry form below. Your journey towards greater impact begins now, and we’re excited to walk this path with you.

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