In January, 2024, join us for our FREE three-part miniseries: A Roadmap to Advance Care Planning, End-of-Life Care and Grief

January 11 – Charting Your Course: Advance Care Planning:  Join Dr. Holly Montjoy, from Klamath Hospice and Palliative Care, for a discussion about the difference between POLST and Oregon’s Advance Directive, and which is right for you!

January 18 – Beginning The Journey: Hospice Care 101:  Join a panel of experts from Care Partners to explore the basics of hospice care, the most asked questions, and more.

January 25 – Grief’s Journey: Navigating Anticipatory Grief: Join Klamath Hospice and Palliative Care’s Bereavement Specialist, Emily Feldberg, for a look at anticipatory grief – feelings of grief and loss that are felt before a loss actually happens.

All sessions will have time for Q&A. Recordings of all sessions will be available to registrants after each presentation.

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