The Oregon Non-profit Hospice Alliance (ONHA) debuted as an organization that helps to sustain and grow community-based hospice agencies in support of seriously ill Oregonians and their families in 2019.   Member agencies have been operating in their respective service areas for more than 30 years and embody the original hospice movement’s dedication to put people above profits.

Being part of ONHA means we can do even more for our communities.  Alliance members are sharing best practices and working together on innovations to support exceptional community-based hospice and palliative care. ONHA members are proud to put collaboration ahead of competition to ensure that the benefits of non-profit care are accessible to all Oregonians.

ONHA is patterned after successful nonprofit alliances in other states.  Ohio’s Hospice, one of ONHA’s models, began in 2013 with three affiliates and has since tripled in size to nine, in addition to entering into joint ventures and partnerships with other community organizations including hospitals, physician practices and health plans.

ONHA affiliates will continue to offer direct care services and raise funds for their local communities.  The alliance accepts donations to promote the benefits of non-profit hospice statewide.

ONHA’s members are collaborating in the following areas:  

  • Adopting common systems (e.g. software), clinical programs and business practices
  • Quality improvement
  • Physician peer review
  • Employee benefits, education and training
  • Achieving operating efficiencies and leveraging economies of scale
  • Fostering innovation in the provision of palliative and serious illness care

It’s simple: our affiliates provide more care for every dollar spent.  We don’t have profit targets set by a financial executive in another state.  Our boards come from the communities we serve and give our agencies the latitude to do what’s best to support people through coping with serious illnesses, loss and grief. 

About ONHA:  ONHA is a registered Oregon nonprofit, representing nonprofit hospices state-wide who are collaborating to achieve mutually-assured success. ONHA’s CEO works with a board of directors composed of each affiliate’s Executive Director and one board member, to ensure equal representation among members.

Media Contact: Andy Kyler,  503-207-3565