Oregon – [Date], 2023 – Oregon Nonprofit Hospice Alliance (ONHA) announces its latest initiative to enhance the operational efficiencies and service levels of its member agencies: Centralized Financial Services.

About the Organization:

Founded in 2018, ONHA is a robust alliance of independent, non-profit hospice agencies across Oregon. It is dedicated to ensuring that every dollar spent translates into more care for patients. At a time when healthcare is undergoing transformative changes, ONHA remains steadfast in its mission to uphold the original intention of hospice and palliative care, a sentiment that has been echoed by its affiliates for over four decades. Alliance members benefit from:

  • Support in best-practice implementations
  • Access to shared efficiencies and economies of scale
  • Development of supportive care programs
  • Leading innovation in serious illness care

About Centralized Financial Services:

The introduction of Centralized Financial Services is yet another testament to ONHA’s commitment to its mission. The first of centralized administrative services, Centralized Financial Services will save on administrative costs for alliance members while providing streamlined financial services at a higher efficiency that what individual hospices might achieve in-house.

Meet the Team:

Mike Kalkofen, serving as the Director of Finance, brings over two decades of experience working within small organizations, in both private and nonprofit sectors. A stalwart advocate for innovation, Mike is passionate about building and optimizing systems, and propelling teams to reach new heights. Mike will be leading the team, providing strategic direction, and overseeing vital projects, such as diversifying revenue streams and liaising with affiliate Boards of Directors.

Michele Adkison, taking the reins as Staff Accountant, is distinguished by her wealth of experience, having held positions such as Controller and Senior Accountant. Michele has proficiency in systematizing operations and is adept at collaborating within tight-knit teams. Entrusted with the crucial tasks of creating financial statements and delving into the higher-level, day-to-day accounting, her expertise will enhance the operational efficiency of the financial services function.

Lastly, Rachel May, our Billing and Financial Specialist, is a prized addition from one of our affiliates, Lumina Hospice. Rachel’s previous tenure at Lumina has equipped her with an invaluable depth of knowledge in hospice billing, making her an essential asset to ONHA’s team. Her responsibilities at ONHA include coordinating receivables billing and managing accounts payable.

Merging their unique experiences and strengths, the team is excited to help shape the future of ONHA’s financial services and strengthen ONHA’s position as a leader in helping provide compassionate end of life care. Mike Kalkofen states, “Through Centralization of Financial Services, we are reinforcing our commitment to ensure that our member hospices can channel their resources and focus on what they do best: providing compassionate, charitable care. With our specialized team and strategic processes, we believe this initiative will greatly enhance the operational capabilities of our affiliates.”

ONHA is enthusiastic about this new chapter and remains dedicated to preserving the integrity, mission, and values of hospice and palliative care in Oregon.

For more information about ONHA, please email onha@onhanetwork.org or go to www.onhanetwork.org.